Now The Official Response from the BBC about THAT Episode of Holby City. What do you think? Click on link below to view…


Today The BBC Replied but unfortunately it’s not what I was expecting or hoping for… #RealisticCPRonTV


  1. Hi Malcolm,

    This emphasise that this is a fictional programme, however I note that issues are treated seriously enough to (with some programmes) to give a disclaimer “if you have been affected by items in this programme…..” which is their “getout” I would suggest!



    • Hi Stewart. Thank you for your comment. It’s good to know that someone is looking in.
      I find their response somewhat patronising considering what I told them in my original letter. Also, we all know you can’t go breaking someone’s ribs in a drama but surely they have ways and means of doing better demos. They have also completely ignored the second person performing ‘CPR’ in the clip in question, which was utterly awful and I can’t believe they had experts on hand to oversee this. I’ve been inundated with people booking on courses these last few days, since all the media exposure at the weekend. At least they will learn the true way.
      Cheers, Malcolm.

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