We Have Another Course This April. Please click on the link below for more information…


Basic Life Support Course 24th April. Click on link below to find out more…



  1. Thank you so very much for a fantastic 2 hour (plus!) course.
    The talk was extremely informative and delivered in such a friendly informal way, made it absolutely gripping, and the CPR practice on the dummies with the help and attention given by the instructors was very valuable indeed and much appreciated.
    Let’s hope we never need to use CPR, but having the basic knowledge of how and what to do in an emergency and doing something rather than nothing, will I’m sure, vastly increase the chances of saving a life.


    • Thank you very much Graham & Cynthia. Your kind comments relating to the course on 4th March are much appreciated and will be forwarded to the others in our team at CPR Counts. It did run over a bit and this is a reflection of the interest being shown by the participants in the pertinent questions they were asking. And they all stayed to end! Cheers, Malcolm


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