New ‘CPR Counts’ FREE Basic Life Support Courses Announced for October 2019

World Restart a Heart Day 2019

Yes! One of these courses is on World Restart a Heart Day.

Click this link to find out more Application Forms For Courses


  1. Hi, I work with Scouts and Guides around the the Wolverhampton North area.

    Can we tap into this resource or can you direct us to our area?

    This would be for both adults and young members.


    • Thank you for your enquiry. Anyone can apply to attend our courses but our group only holds them in Sutton Coldfield. I am not aware of a similar group in your area but there quite possibly is as there are similar volunteer groups teaching Basic Life Support around the country. Your best bet may be to enquire of your local St John Ambulance to see if they can help you or know of a similar set-up to ours.


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