Test Yourself


Free Basic Life Support Training

(Keeping the Brain Alive)

Ask yourself the following questions:

Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest, can you tell the difference?

When and why is CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) needed?

With CPR Where do you place your hands?

At what rate do you apply Chest Compressions?

How much Pressure is required?

How do you give Rescue Breathing?

For How Long do you and can you keep CPR going?

What is a Defibrillator for?

When is it needed?

How efficiently could you apply one When Seconds Count?

How would you feel if you were clueless, watching a victim die?

Compare that with knowing you had helped to save a life!

Well done if you can (honestly!) correctly answer all of the above questions.

If you can’t then please spare a little of your time to attend one of our training courses being offered, free of charge.

These friendly two-hour courses are run by Mike Bennett, a highly qualified full-time instructor and his team, with all necessary training equipment for you to practise on.

Why are we doing this? The organiser, Malcolm Robinson, suffered an unheralded cardiac arrest on the pavement and his life was saved by a passer-by who kept him alive with CPR until the ambulance arrived. He has since made it his mission to get as many people as possible to be trained in administering EFFECTIVE CPR.

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