Now for some proper professional photos from last night’s awards…

Pictures courtesy of:

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council / Richard T Harris.

SCCA RH 211119-03

The lovely, break-your-foot-heavy cut glass award. Now which of us gets to keep it? I’m scared of dropping it.

SCCA RH 211119-08


One of our previous course participants who gave an opening address at our session on 16th October. In case you’re thinking this, no we didn’t bribe him, well, not that I remember.

Councillor David Allan, the Mayor of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

SCCA RH 211119-18

All of the award winners from the five categories which are:

Good Citizen/Neighbour. Young Person (unfortunately not back left). Volunteer. Community Event. Community Group (us)

Pictured with the Mayor and Lady Mayoress.

SCCA RH 211119-38


And Us.

Mike has certainly grown into his role! We’ll call him BFG from now on. Even Dawn’s heels can’t keep up with his growth spurt.

Barbara’s as cool as ever. We won’t say where her arms got to, though we did have words afterwards.

My trousers aren’t so much creased as my legs were trembling like crazy – very weird. Winning was such a shock. Note, both hands on the glass for safety.

SCCA RH 211119-29

SCCA RH 221119-107

SCCA RH 211119-62


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