A Busy Week With The Media!!

First there came this article in the daily express on Wednesday

If you’re on statins don’t be misled by the headline. At the moment there will be no substituting this injection for the daily tablets, it will be used as an adjunct for those who have not lowered their Low Density Lipids to below 2.6 mmol/L.

Then later on Wednesday came this zoom interview on the BBC News Channel…


Then, on Thursday evening, came a slot on Dr Phil’s Bedside Manner on BBC Radio 4.

Picture courtesy of Dr Derek Connolly
You can hear the full programme on BBC Sounds here:
The recordings were made at City Hospital, Birmingham, on 30th June this year and I was kindly allowed to make my own recording of the session, of which only a fraction appeared in the final edit. You can hear my full interview, including THE POEM, with Dr Phil Hammond by clicking this link:

All of the above was set up by my cardiologist, and friend, Dr Derek Connolly who figured I would make an interesting subject to be exposed to all this attention. He also had small spot on the radio prgramme but here is the full version of his interview, with the odd interruption from me :

Well done if you’ve got this far.

I can safely bet that you aren’t as exhausted as I am!!