60 Years of Modern CPR

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The Dog, The Lift and CPR

It’s now 60 years since the birth of modern CPR. The above video was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary and features the original scientists to whom we owe so much for their work.

Watch to learn how it all came together as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

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What a Week it’s Been!

  CPR Counts’ Co-Founder, Malcolm Robinson, has had more media presence than he would ever have thought possible – in the Press, on the TV and then the Radio. All is revealed by clicking this link: A Busy Week With The Media!!

Why are Cardiac Arrests Occurring in the Young and Fit?

The recent, very public, cardiac arrest which happened to Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen at the weekend serves as a timely reminder that these events can occur at any time to anyone and are not confined to those of a certain age or lifestyle. The above video by London cardiologist, Dr Rohin Francis, will give you […]


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