Lovely Responses from Course Participants.

Responses to the CPR Counts Course on 13th February 2019.

I attended the CPR Course last night. I thought it was first class; something I should have done and learnt about years ago. It’s also a Course that the NHS should surely be paying to make available throughout the UK – particularly with the increasing demands on the ambulance service, the appearance of defibrillators in public spaces and (as apparent from last night) the general ignorance over the use of those defibrillators. Many thanks to all your team, especially Mike. Keep up the good work in and around Sutton Coldfield in case I ever need to rely on someone else to provide me with CPR.  Regards,   RC.

Thank you for this course . I remembered most of it but the humour made it stick more. Now I know that the defibrillators are automated and am more relaxed. My horror is someone just getting it out to play with on a person but it won’t work if there is a heartbeat . Put my mind at rest. We didn’t do these machines on the first aid courses that I attended.
Kind Regards  SH.

Just a short note to thank you for yesterday evening’s training. Informative and entertaining. God forbid, but we now feel better informed and more confident should we find ourselves in a position where someone has collapsed and needs CPR. Best wishes and thanks to you and your team   CJB.

We were very pleased to come on last night’s course. I do not feel an expert now, but I do have more confidence that I could respond better. I think it is an excellent course available free for people, and I have already passed on a leaflet to someone who is interested in attending another course. I thought Mike was a good teacher and managed to add humour to lighten the situation we may find ourselves in. Thank you very much, and I wish you well in your mission. I shall certainly recommend the course to others.   RT.

Last night (13/2/19) I attended a CPR training course in Sutton Coldfield, organised by @counts_cpr . I learned several simple techniques which can actually help save lives. Everyone should learn CPR! Find yourselves a course and do it. BE ARSED!!,  MOH.

And this from Taylor Herrick Recruitment:

CPR Counts, offer free two hour courses on Basic Life Support for Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Choking and use of Defibrillators. The courses take place around the Sutton Coldfield area. Our Marketing Executive attended one of their courses last night, which was held after work at the Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church Centre.

Christabel said, “I found the course extremely informative and the instructor made the course fun and interactive. I now feel confident enough to perform life support if I ever need to. I now know how to put someone into the recovery position, preform CPR, I know what to do if someone is choking and how to use a defibrillator. I highly recommend everyone to attend a life support class. It is a basic skill everyone should have”.

The course is taken by Mike Bennett who is the Lead Resuscitation Officer for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Mike and the team run the courses voluntary and give up their time to offer the public valuable life saving skills.

Malcolm Robinson founded CPR Counts, in 2017 Malcolm unfortunately suffered a cardiac arrest and he was lucky enough to have a passer by save his life, as she performed CPR on him for 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. He has now made it his mission to make sure more people have the vital skills to be able to hopefully save a life!

Their next course in March is fully booked but you can register your interest and sign up to receive information about their free courses here:

We now have two certified basic lifesaving members of the team at our Sutton Coldfield office!


See the photos of the evening  Wednesday 13th February 2019 – Basic Life Support Course at Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church Centre