The CPR Counts Year – 2019

The CPR Counts Year

Overall it’s been a fantastic year for CPR Counts with almost 500 more local people now in a position to have a good go at saving someone’s life. A big thank you goes out to all those who gave up just a couple of hours or so to help us with our mission. We don’t yet know if anyone who’s been on a CPR Counts course has actually needed to put into practice what they have learned. But that’s not the point!

Notable events though the year have been:

Starting 2019 with a three-year sponsorship from Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust . This has enabled us to go to venues where there has been a room rental to be paid, have a proper web-site/blog and to have our brilliant flyers printed which were designed by BHD Creative .

The sponsorship of our first awareness video by local company Taylor Herrick Recruitment . This short but impactful video has been viewed by hundreds of people but if you missed it click here to view: CPR COUNTS VIDEO released 10th May 2019 and produced by ARK Media.. Christabel, at Taylor Herrick, has also been a great help to me with numerous issues I’ve faced with operating modern technology.

Thanks to Nick Horner, at the Sutton Coldfield Observer, we’ve had several newspaper articles printed which have been hugely helpful in getting folk to our courses. One of these led to a small piece in the Daily Mail featuring Judy Lewis and me: Daily Mail Article

On 16th October we were privileged to welcome The Mayor of Sutton Coldfield, councillor David Allan, to our course on ‘World Restart A Heart Day’ where he gave a very complimentary opening address, then stayed and took part in the rest of the course: Videos & Photos

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we were invited as shortlisted candidates to the Royal Sutton Coldfield Community Awards Presentation Ceremony on 21st November. If you haven’t already heard and seen what happened please go to RSTC Awards

We now have:

A web-site/blog

A twitter account @counts_cpr

A Facebook page

If I’ve missed anybody or anything off the list, it’s entirely my fault and I do apologise.

Finally, I have to acknowledge how vital it’s been to have such an amazing and humorous course tutor as Mike Bennett in our team, along with course assistants, Barbara & Dawn Caine, who do a fantastic job in keeping things running smoothly.

So, folks, here’s to 2020!

Best wishes to all

Malcolm Robinson

The year’s statistics

In 2019 we have held 12 Free two-hour courses in Basic Life Support at various locations in Sutton Coldfield. A total of 635 people booked places of which 497 attended, leaving 138 who cancelled or didn’t attend.

In Summary

Average attendance numbers were 41 per course

78.3% of those booking a place actually attended

13.5% of those who booked cancelled ahead

8.2% of those who booked failed to turn up

Every course had a waiting list of people, some of whom were able to take up the offer of the place released by a cancellation received in time. We couldn’t, of course, replace the 52 who failed to arrive.