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Hi Folks
I hope by now you’ve watched the video on our last post. It’s such a great production that I wanted to congratulate the person who made it, Hollie Harrington.
Having found her web-site I sent her the email below, following which you can see her reply. You can also see more of her short documentary films there, and they’re well worth viewing.


Hello Hollie

I just wanted to congratulate you for producing ‘The Voice of Doubt’ NARS Cardiac Arrest Video that I spotted on Twitter yesterday. It’s absolutely excellent. 

It impacted me on two counts. Firstly because it is so much in keeping with the message that we are trying to spread in our small team, CPR Counts.

Secondly, more personally, because I was that victim lying on the pavement last year with a group of people just standing watching me die. The story of my survival is incredible and one I still find hard to believe. If you feel inclined you can read the story on our blog: 

Malcolm’s Story

You’ll go straight my story and you’ll then understand why I feel the need to educate as many people as possible in basic life support.

I would love to see ‘The Voice of Doubt’ viewed all over the world.

Keep up the good work

Thank you Hollie

Malcolm Robinson 


Hi Malcolm,

Thank you so much. I am so happy that you find the film so powerful and I really hope it continues to get the message out there. 

Your story is exactly the reason we made this film and I hope it encourages more people to just get involved and try CPR, because it really could be the passer-by who saves your life.

Please feel free to share far and wide! And thank you again for the kind words – I really appreciate them.



Hollie Harrington

Videographer and Photographer


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