Contact Made With Ambulance Staff

I have now managed to meet six of the people who were in the frontline of keeping me alive back in April 2017 after I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Today I was with five of them when I was invited to meet, for the first time, the four amazing ambulance staff who attended the scene. And, of course, My wonderful cardiologist, Dr Derek Connolly, came to join us too.

IMG_2031Back row from Left – Tom, Cameron, Derek, Simon, Robert
Front Row – Me (Malcolm) and Ann (my Wife)

It was a shame that Judy Lewis, who was first on the scene to give me CPR, couldn’t make this gathering but you can read about the part she played here Malcolm’s Story

It’s almost impossible to know how to fully express your gratitude to such amazing people, but I hope I left them knowing that I owe them so very much. Talking to these paramedics it was apparent that they remembered the incident as if it was yesterday and I’m sure they were as pleased to see the successful fruits of their labours as much as I was to meet them. I just can’t understand why our marvellous ambulance crews are frequently subjected to abuse and violence when going about their jobs. Shame on those despicable people.



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