Glenn Hoddle’s Bad & Good Luck Must Surely Increase Public Awareness of Basic Life Support. Now read on…

Distressing as they are High Profile Cardiac Arrests Can Only Increase Public Awareness of CPR
Have you seen the news about Glen Hoddle’s cardiac arrest?  He was saved by a Sound Engineer in BT Sports studios last year. Glenn’s life saver gave his account of doing CPR for 8 mins whilst waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Fortunately Glen survived, but suffered from seven broken ribs. Read on…
We wish him all the very best for a full recovery.
I feel that some good has now also come out of my own brush with death and am massively grateful to Mike, Barbara and Dawn for their continuing support for our mission to train as many people as we can in Basic Life Support.
Read what happened to me and how we formed CPR Counts:  Malcolm’s Story

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