Why are Cardiac Arrests Occurring in the Young and Fit?

The recent, very public, cardiac arrest which happened to Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen at the weekend serves as a timely reminder that these events can occur at any time to anyone and are not confined to those of a certain age or lifestyle.

The above video by London cardiologist, Dr Rohin Francis, will give you more of an insight into what may have caused such a terrifying event and offers explanations on the following topics:

What happened, and is this common?

What could have caused it and why are athletes’ hearts special?

Why wasn’t this picked up in screening?

Is this anything to do with COVID or the vaccine?

What can you do if something like this happens to someone you know?

Let’s hope Dr Francis’ wife didn’t mind! (Puzzled? Then have a look)

We now know that Eriksen has been fitted with an Internal Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) which is a minature defibrillator fitted under the skin which will automatically act as a pacemaker and also deliver a shock should his heart again go into an abnormal and potentially fatal rythm. It remains to be seen what the future holds for him, career-wise, but I’m sure we all wish him the very best.

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