Let’s give our First Awareness VIDEO from 2019 another Airing. Please share this as much as possible to help promote Effective #CPR EVERYWHERE…

Here it is Folks.
Filmed at the Hundred Acre Scout Centre in Sutton Coldfield on 17th April 2019 by local company ARK MEDIA
And generously sponsored by  Taylor Herrick Recruitment  to whom we are most grateful.
Please share this as widely as you can via any form of social media or by just emailing it to people you know. Let’s use this opportunity to publicise the glaring need for more people to learn how to save lives. You know CPR COUNTS!!

NOW Find Out More About Our Story – read about the AMAZING series of CHANCE EVENTS that brought the four of us (now seven) together to form CPR Counts.

The near tragic and unheralded incident in 2017:

Malcolm’s Story

The coincidence that led to our formation:


How WE can help YOU to learn Basic Life Support.

More courses are currently in the pipeline and will be announced here:

Application Forms For Courses

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