Vigorous coughing will not save you during a heart attack

A question that crops up from time to time on our courses is, ‘Can coughing help a victim of a heart attack?’

A recent Facebook post which claims that “coughing repeatedly and very vigorously” will help someone survive a heart attack is misleading and could be potentially dangerous, as it could make the condition worse or delay treatment.

Please read the full article at FULL FACT

What was claimed

Coughing repeatedly and vigorously can help you survive a heart attack.

The Full Fact verdict

This is not a recognised form of treatment and could make any medical issues worse. If you think someone is having a heart attack, immediately call 999.

Obviously, in an out-of-hospital situation, it won’t help someone in cardiac arrest as, without warning, they will become fully unconscious and only CPR (with defibrillation, if available) will keep them alive until paramedics arrive.

We provide free two-hour courses on Basic Life Support for Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Choking and use of Defibrillators. We operate in and near to Sutton Coldfield in the UK West Midlands.

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