Just In. Some Very Good News Indeed!

We have just had the very good news that we shall be able to continue running our FREE Basic Life Support Courses for at least the next three years.

2_SCCT_orange-navy jpg

This is all due to confirmation that Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust will continue to cover the inevitable expenses that we incur, such as room hire fees within Sutton’s boundaries, public liablility insurance and paying for this blog/website.

We were first supported by The Trust in 2018 for three years but due to the pandemic we were kindly given an extension up to this November. Until today, without this vital support, we couldn’t be sure that we could continue into 2023.

We were further told that the Trustees of the charity were very impressed with what we’ve been doing since they started supporting us in 2018. Furthermore they said we are the best value-for-money organisation they have ever supported at a cost of just over £1 per person we have trained.

So, it’s a big thank you from the CPR Counts team to SCCT.

All we need now is for all of you reading this to continue promoting our courses so that we can conrinue to run them. Thank you, in advance.


    • Thank you, Graham & Judy. The trustees said that they were very impressed with what we’ve achieved, so far. Also that ours is the best value-for-money award they’ve yet given, at just over £1 per course attendee trained.

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