Sutton Coldfield’s Defibrillators


Defibrillator Map

Since 2017, Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council have worked in partnership with the Community Heartbeat Trust to install Defibrillators in 13 locations across Sutton Coldfield.

This map details defibrillator locations across the town. Those marked in cream are funded by the Town Council. Those marked in green are hosted by others within the community and therefore the Town Council bears no responsibility for its usage, service and maintenance.

If residents or groups are aware of any defibrillators not listed on the Town Council Map, please contact

Map link in full:


1. Anyone can use a defibrillator without any training – the device will talk you through what to do, including instructions on performing CPR.

2. You cannot harm anyone with a defibrillator – it will not shock someone whose heart is beating normally.


  1. Well done Malcolm You are on the ball! Did you see the report yesterday on Midland News about creating a national data base so ambulances can direct a person to an AED? I checked Morrisons at Aldridge some time ago and they were not registered Cheers Stewart

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